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St.Thomas High School, Lautoka

St.Thomas High School had a humble beginning in 1975.It started with Forms 1,2 and 3 at St. Thomas Primary School in Lautoka with four Teachers and 178 students. The present site, situatedalong the Saru Back Road, Lautoka, Fiji Islands wasopened on the 22nd January 1977.

St. Thomas High School is owned by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Fiji and is administered by "Our Lady of Perpetual Help" Parish Catholic Community through the St. Thomas High School Board of Governors and the Parish Priest who is the School Manager. The School Principal co-ordinates the operations and is guided by the School's Mission, Vision and Policy Statements.

In January 2013, after consultationswith St.Thomas School Board Members and His Grace Archbishop Peter Mataca and Catholic Education of Fiji, St. Thomas High School was entrusted to the Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel . Bro.Sahayaraj, took over as the first Principal for the academic year 2013.

The official handing over ceremony took place in March 2013, during the Provincial Superior ,Bro.GeorgeKalangod's visit to SPD.

The main purpose of his visit was to participate in a handing over ceremony of St. Thomas High School, Lautoka organized by the Parish Community of "Our Lady of Perpetual Help", Lautoka. The Parish Community along with the Parish Priest Rev. Fr. CicilWilliam, ceremoniously welcomed Bro. George, the Provincial Superior, Bro. Francis, the District Superior, Bro. Thomas Thottiyil, Bro. Sahayaraj and Bro. Shaji. The Solemn ceremony was also attended by Mr. RemesioRogovakalali, Director of Catholic Education, Fiji,Bro. Provincial in his address thanked Rt. Rev. Dr. PeteroMataca, the Archbishop of Suva, Fiji,Mr. RemesioRogovakalali, Director of Catholic Education, Rev Fr. Cicil William, the Parish Priest and the leaders of the Parish for inviting the Brothers to take the responsibilities and administer St. Thomas, Lautoka. He said Brothers, under the leadership of Bro. Sahayaraj will give their best to take the school to greater heights of excellence. He also said that the focus would be on all round holistic development of students which is the hallmark of Montfortian education. Mr. Remesio and Fr. Cicil, the Parish Priest also addressed the gathering and thanked Bro. Provincial and the Brothers for their contribution in Fiji and also for taking up the administration of St. Thomas High School,Lautoka.

St.Thomas High School considers Religious Education to be an integral part of its Curriculum and most of the school activities are centered on the School Theme: "PROCLAIM YOUR FAITH". The School, like all Catholic Schools in Fiji accepts students from other Denominations. It reserves the right to offer Moral Education as seen by the Fiji Catholic School's Religious Education Curriculum. The School expects all students to show respect for Catholic Teachings, Church Services and Different Prayer timings throughout the School Day. Students from other Faiths and Religions are invited to exhibit something about their faith through School Assemblies and Visual Presentations at different times of the School's Annual Calendar.

With highly qualified and motivated Staff,St. Thomas High School,strives to develop the spiritual, moral, physical, social and Academic abilities of each child that it accepts.

In 2002, St. Thomas High School was chosen by the Ministry of Education to be one of the pilot schools to offer Compulsory Education. The school further hopes to offer a wider range of Subjects in the field of Vocational and Technical Education. At present the school has a total of 529 Students, 37 Teachers, 16 Classrooms and nine Special Rooms.

St.Thomas High School is proud of its multicultural nature and encourages display from the different cultural groups on special occasions with internal and external inter cultural exchanges. Every student is considered a member of the St. Thomas School family as soon as they enter the gates of St. Thomas High School !

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